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This file goes at the root of a project repository and instructs Bread how to distribute donations to a project. Once a repository has this file it will be enabled for donations.

.bread.yml is a YAML file with this format:

!v1 weights: accounts: 12345: 100 projects: 50 250 100

The numeric weight after each account and project determines the portion of received donations to forward to each project/account. If two things have the same weight, they'll get the same portion of the donation.

As an example, if project A has a weight of 100 and project B has a weight of 200 and you donate $3, project A will get $1 and project B will get $2. (The rough formula used to determine the amount of money a target gets is donation * weight / sum(weights)).

You can use bread-scan to generate .bread.yml.

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