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Bread helps you donate small amounts of money (even less than $0.01) to many different projects.

To get started, click on Donate at the top and log in or create an account. Once you've created an account you can set up payments and choose projects.


Payments are handled by Stripe. On the Donate page, click the Manage button to set up a subscription or manage your existing subscription. You may also cancel your subscription here.

To change the amount of money you want to donate, change the quantity of your subscription.

Once a month, Bread will charge you for the configured amount and distribute the money to the projects you've selected (as described in the next section.)

Note: At time of donation, if you haven't selected any projects or none of the projects you've selected have a .bread.yml file, no donation will happen that month.


You can choose any number of projects to donate to.

Chose projects by finding Donate buttons on the web or entering the project URLs in the table on your Donate page and pressing add, then Save when you're done.

You can also use bread-scan to manage your donation targets.

Every month, the amount you donate will be distributed between the projects listed here.

The slider below each project you've selected determines what portion of your donation to distribute to that target.

The amount is relative to other sliders: if all sliders have the same value, all targets will get equal portions. If one project slider is twice as high as another, it will receive twice as much of your donation.

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