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Bread helps you donate a little to a lot of open source projects.

Support the entire open-source supply chain.

Get set up in minutes!



  1. Click Donate at the top.

  2. Create an account or log in.

  3. Look for Donate buttons on the web: Donate

    Or type in project URLs yourself (such as!)

  4. Set up payments.

    Every month, the money you donated will be allocated to the projects you selected.

    Cancel at any time.

Receive donations

  1. Click Receive at the top.

  2. Create an account or log in.

  3. Copy your account ID.

  4. Create a .bread.yml file in your project and add your account ID:

    !v1 weights: accounts: 12345: 100 projects: 50 250 100

    (Try bread-scan to generate it automatically).

  5. Let people know!

    Anyone can donate to your project by using the project URL, or make a donate button to add to your website.

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